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School Led Conferences by Prestolee is a proud and continuing supporter of 'Rebuilding Schools Nepal'
and we are delighted to support them in launching the '40 Schools Fundraising Challenge' this year!


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The project aims to rebuild the structure and sustainable education programme at Antarastriya Yuba Bursa Secondary School, Ramechhap, Nepal.  

Initially, the fundraising was to support the need for additional classrooms and resources to provide for +2s, (A level equivalents) to enable the children to complete their schooling and access college. The school had 6 classrooms for children 10 – 15 years and 2 classrooms with a flat roof and plans for 2 more classrooms. However, following the 2015 earthquakes, the 6 existing classrooms were so badly damaged that lessons are currently taking place in temporary learning centres (tents!)

Rebuilding Schools Nepal aim to provide secondary education for children from 5 villages in the Ramechhap District of Nepal, serving a population of 3200. The school provides secondary education for children from 3 primary schools. There are currently 120 on roll at the school. 
School is not compulsory in Nepal so literacy rates are at 62.7% for males and 34.9% for they have plenty to do! 

Similar to 'School Led Conferences by Prestolee', the outcomes of the 'Rebuilding Schools Nepal' project has three main aims they are working towards:

Improve educational attendance and outcomes

Improve the learning environment and resources

Improve access to higher education and professions

So far, the cause is delighted to have contributed to the raising of over £15,000 which has so far gone towards funding stationary for the children, a clean drinking water supply and the building of composting toilets.

To read more from one of the founders of the charity Helen Woodward (@Helen_MaryG) and her experience of visiting Antarastriya Yuba Bursa Secondary School, please check out one of our Blog posts here.