I could have been a 'Contender Charlie!'...

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We are delighted to add the fantastic team at 'Contender Charlie' to our speaker line up for May 2017.

Contender Charlie use the power of storytelling and mythology to enhance and inspire the creative learning of young people as well as their teachers and school leaders. They  specialise in bringing the plays of Shakespeare and other mythological stories to life within a school environment; be it with issues relevant to the classroom or the staff room.

They believe that anyone involved in the teaching, mentoring or supervision of young people is in a key leadership role, whether they are currently aware of that or not. Contender Charlie will use the story of leader Henry V who united his people around a common goal, overcoming many obstacles in his path on his way to achieving a remarkable victory against significant odds. School Leaders and teachers need to be visible. They need to communicate vision and purpose in a way that inspires their teams and truly reflects their passion and commitment with authenticity.

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Paul Warwick has worked for Contender Charlie since 2007 and he will be joining us to bring the Leadership Lessons from Shakespeare to life within the education field.

To find our more about Contender Charlie and to catch a clip of what they do, please click here.

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