School-Led Conference 2015 - Full Report

School Led 2015 brought education specialists together for an inspirational day of ideas sharing and debate, run by schools, for schools.


The aims of the conference were for school leaders to:

Engage in ownership of the education system
Connect policy makers with policy deliverers
Inspire, encourage and challenge
Share best practice and innovation
Build capacity, networks, understanding and commitment to the school-led system in the North West
Understand the role of system leaders.

The structure of the packed day enabled all the aims to be addressed.

Moving new knowledge and skills across the system was a key strand that ran throughout the day, alongside a reoccurring focus on the power of collaboration, to emphasis that the whole is always worth more than the sum of its parts.

Dr Sara Bubb attended the event and has written a comprehensive report of the day. To read her report, review the issues and themes discussed on the day and reflect upon actions that need to be taken, please click here.

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