Changing Direction

Tuesday August 22, 2017

Since beginning the School Led Conference in 2014, we have been highly successful in giving respected names within the education sector a platform to speak to school leaders across Greater Manchester and the wider North West region.

40 Schools Fundraising Challenge!

Wednesday February 22, 2017

With just over 3 months to go before the next School Led Conference by Prestolee, we are proud to be announcing the 40 Schools Fundraising Challenge!

Working in-conjunction with our chosen charity partner, Rebuilding Schools Nepal, our target is to raise £20,000 to support the rebuilding of Antarastriya Yuwa Barsa Secondary School damaged in the 2015 earth quakes.

Together, we are looking for 40 schools to commit to raising £500 each over the next 6 months. to help ensure we reach our overall target.

Another Fantastic Speaker Annouced

Tuesday January 24, 2017








We are delighted to announce that Karen Ardley will be joining us at our next event. 


ITT School Leads - WE NEED YOU!

Wednesday January 18, 2017

By Helen Woodward, @Helen_MaryG


How can we work collectively to find out what we don't know about School Led Initial Teacher Training?

ITT leads in schools around the North West are being invited to join the ITT Research Workshop at the School Led Conference 2017 to begin this new collaborative research project. The purpose of the project is to improve knowledge and understanding of the impact of school led ITT programmes and develop recommendations for programme improvement.

School Improvement off the Beaten Track-Part 2

Wednesday December 14, 2016

By Helen Woodward, @Helen_MaryG

‘Helen, the children say you are sitting quietly like a pumpkin!’ Kamal, the headteacher, said with a chuckle. I was quiet, happy, and taking it all in. The clay floor, the fire pit, the dim light, the slow cooking dahl, the scents of the spices and herbs. Kamal had welcomed us into his family home for the next two days. I wondered at my joy of returning to a remote village after the devastation of the 2015 earthquake, and the warm welcome as sleeping arrangements were declared. Privacy is not as my son would say ‘a thing’ in Nepali culture.

Another speaker added to our lineup

Monday November 7, 2016

Tim Leunig.jpg

We can confirm we have now have another speaker to add to our impressive line-up. Tim Leunig is the Chief Analyst and Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Education.

I could have been a 'Contender Charlie!'...

Friday November 4, 2016

Contender Charlie Logo.gif

We are delighted to add the fantastic team at 'Contender Charlie' to our speaker line up for May 2017.

2nd Speaker Annoucement!

Sunday October 16, 2016

We are delighted to announce that our second speaker for the Conference in May 2017 will be Dame Reena Keeble.

School Improvement off the Beaten Track

Friday September 23, 2016

By Helen Woodward, @Helen_MaryG

Nepal 2015 114.JPG

I’ve just had my third Rabies vaccine and am checking my water sterilisation tablets are in date; I’m preparing for a school visit, obviously.

I have a text from the headteacher,

‘I couldn’t send you message as the lightening damaged our transformer, we had no electricity for 3 weeks, please forgive me. The children were very happy receiving gifts of stationary and are very curious to see you soon… ’

The Swedes have a word for it, ‘resfeber’ , ‘the restless beat of a traveller’s heart before the journey begins, a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.’

New term, new school year; time for a new habit?

Monday September 5, 2016

By Helen Woodward @Helen_MaryG


I recently saw Steve Huffman co-founder and chief executive of the online discussion forum Reddit sharing three tips for success. ‘Really the job is all about time and stress management more than anything else…,’ sound familiar? His last point was almost throwaway, ‘…and that is something you’re in complete control over.’

1st Speaker Annoucement!

Friday September 2, 2016


We are delighted to announce our first speaker for the Conference in May 2017 as Sir Anthony Seldon. 

Scenario or Strategic Planning – Which Do We Need When?

Friday August 19, 2016

By Helen Woodward @Helen_MaryG


Someone wise once said,

‘We can be certain of two things, you will die and you will pay taxes.’

Not quite everyone does the latter it seems, but I get the point.

As for the rest, Buddhists talk of Anicca or impermanence, everything is changing. Professionally we understand that well in education. We understand we need to lead and make decisions based on sometimes incomplete information and often rapidly changing contexts, but is it strategic or scenario planning we need?

Date and Venue Confirmation!

Friday July 22, 2016

A J Bell

We are delighted to announce the date and venue for next years School Led Conferences by Prestolee event.

How do you give your teams a chance to change?

Wednesday July 6, 2016

By Helen Woodward @Helen_MaryG


So, you have the people, the idea and the green light to go. From here, how do you successfully move a team from leading one primary school into leading an effective Multi Academy Trust with the vision, skills and capability to grow? How do you give everyone the right chance to change?

School-Led Conference 2015 - Full Report

Thursday December 3, 2015


Dr Sara Bubb attended the event and has written a comprehensive report of the day. Click on this post to read her report, review the issues and themes discussed on the day and reflect upon actions that need to be taken.

Success Breeds Success:

Friday October 23, 2015


Last year Mike Tonge, Rebecca Dunne and their team from Prestolee Teaching School and beyond, achieved an astonishing feat in creating this conference. Now it has become an established event, as over 250 people descended on Old Trafford cricket ground’s conference centre “The Point” on 20 October 2015, for another inspirational day run by schools for schools.

Exhibitor Experience: Rebuilding Schools Nepal

Tuesday August 25, 2015

Taar Village

This year the School Led network has chosen Rebuilding Schools Nepal as their chosen partner charity. They will be exhibiting as part of the Market Place at School Led 2015.

Here, the Founder of the charity shares her experience of meeting and working with just one of many school leaders in Nepal, and why it is so important to help out:


School Led Conference 2014

Friday October 17, 2014

They were told it couldn’t happen, a one form entry primary school organising a regional conference, but Mike Tonge and his team from Prestolee Teaching School pulled it off. Over 300 people from across the North-West participated in an inspiring day at Old Trafford cricket ground’s, The Point.