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Since beginning the School Led Conference in 2014, we have been highly successful in giving respected names within the education sector a platform to speak to school leaders across Greater Manchester and the wider North West region. We have brought together headteachers, senior leadership teams, governors and policy makers and offered them a chance to debate and discuss the most prevalent issues affecting the region, as well as creating a wider network of support to help implement the necessary changes.

The ever changing political landscape, and the continued issues and challenges that we encounter in the education sector due to this, means that the School Led Conferences team have taken the decision to focus on other projects and commitments at this time. We are continuing to work on some innovative research projects and will continue to work closely with the Greater Manchester Learning Partnership, Family of Schools and other organisations as we strive to improve the communication and collaboration between Greater Manchester educators.

If you have any questions, please contact or watch this space for further updates in the future.

The latest news and updates will be made via our website and on Twitter @schoolled

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